Biography Edit

Benjamin Edward Lewis born 28th July 1995 is the son of LPW CEO Gareth Lewis and Wife Megan Lewis. He is Known as Ben O' Lewis or the Spoiled Prince . Benjamin is the future owner of the company and runs LPW's flagship show Cooked as well as all Pay-per-views. Benjamin Lewis is the Senior Vice Executive for Lewis Professional Wrestling.

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In Wrestling Edit


  • Lewis Stunner (seated three-quarter face-lock jawbreaker) (Stunner)
  • Coast to Coast (Corner-to-corner front missile dropkick, usually driving a rake into the face of the opponent)

Signatures Edit

  • Ben O' Boxer (Three left-handed jabs followed by a right-handed punch)
  • Diving Moonsault (back flip splash)
  • Low Blow (punch to groin)

Championships and accomplishments Edit

  • Senior Vice Executive of LPW

Entrance themes Edit

"Cult of Personality" - Living Color