Day of Kings  was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by LPW. It took place on March 14, 2015


It was announced on Cooked that Connor Motor would get one more match for the LPW Heavyweight Championship and LPW officials have guaranteed a fair, conclusive, one on one match for the LPW Heavyweight Championship and if Alex Lewis trys to get himself Disqualified or Counted Out Connor Motor will be granted another opportunity to declare a clean winner.

At The PPV Alex Lewis got himself counted out but Connor Motor claimed an instant rematch and then became the new LPW Champion by beating Alex Lewis in the rematch.

It was announced on Cooked that there would be a tag team match to declare the first LPW Tag Team Champions. It was then confirmed that the team of Harry & Theo Lewis would take on the team of Sam Lewis and Regan Lees. However later on Regan was booked into a singles match and it is still up in the air who Sam Lewises tag partner will be at the PPV. Theo Lewis then retired from wrestling and the match was then pulled for rebooking. It was then announced on Cooked that it would be the team of Harry Lewis and Raven Hawk versus the team of Sam Lewis and Tyler White to crown the first Tag Team Champions. There was a controversial reaction to the fact that Tyler White was booked in two matches but Tyler White said in an interview on Cooked that hes is going to make sure he walks out of the PPV "with two belts and in one piece" It was later revealed that Sam Lewis was released by the LPW for misbehavior and was pulled from the match. Tyler White opted to stay out of the match. It was then the tag team of Benji and Bart that took their place.

At the PPV Raven Hawk pinned Bart and Hawk and Harry became the first LPW Tag Team Champions.

On Cooked LPW's Chairman Gareth Lewis presented the new Glendowie Heavyweight Championship. It was then announced that Tyler White and Regan "Real Gun" Lees would compete to become the first GD Heavyweight Champion at Day of Kings.

At The PPV Regan won the ladder match and became the first ever Glendowie Heavyweight Champion.


No. Matches              Stipulations
1 Harry Lewis & Raven Hawk beat Benji & Bart Tag Team Match for the LPW Tag Team Championship
2 Regan Lees beat Tyler White Ladder Match for the GD

Heavyweight Championship

3 Connor Motor beat Alex Lewis

Singles Match for the LPW Heavyweight Championship.

If Alex Lewis trys to get Counted Out

or DQ'ed then Connor Motor

will earn another opportunity for the title.

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