Heck in a Cage  was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by LPW. It took place on April 8, 2015.


At Day of Kings Connor Motor was finally able to capture the LPW Heavyweight Championship from former champion Alex Lewis. It was announced on Cooked that Alex would be having his rematch clause at Heck in a Cage in a Heck in a Cage Match.

At the PPV Connor Motor pinned Alex Lewis to retain the LPW Heavyweight Championship.

At Day of Kings Regan Lees beat Tyler White in a Ladder Match to become the first Glendowie Heavyweight Champion. The LPW officials noted that Tyler White was not 100% going into that match and he has been granted number one contendership to Real Gun's GD Heavyweight Title.

At the PPV Regan Lees pinned Tyler White to retain the GD Heavyweight Championship. After the match LPW CEO Gareth Lewis ordered Tyler White to compete in another one on one match against debuting superstar Lukye West.

At the Day of Kings PPV Raven Hawk and Harry Lewis became the first ever LPW Tag Team Champions by beating Benji and Bart. On Cooked Bart claimed he was "caught off guard" and wasn't ready because he had "sea sickness". Hawk and Lewis said they would give them a match at the Heck in a Cage PPV for the LPW Tag Team Championship to prove they are the true dominant tag team. Johnny Blobs was taken out by Donnie and Dash on Cooked and Raven Hawk was forced to defend his LPW Tag Team Championship in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

At the PPV Raven Hawk pinned Benji to retain the LPW Tag Team Championships.

LPW CEO Gareth Lewis announced the new Oceania Heavyweight Championship and it would be contested between John the Giant and Huge Tempah.

At the PPV Huge Tempah beat John the Giant by Countout to become the first Oceania Heavyweight Champion.


No. Matches              Stipulations
1 Raven Hawk beat Benji & Bart 2 on 1 Handicap Match for the LPW Tag Team Championship
2 Dai Thorn beat Simon Deek Singles Match
3 Huge Tempah beat John the Giant

Singles Match for the Oceania Heavyweight Championship

4 Regan Lees beat Tyler White

Heck in a Cage Match for the GD Heavyweight Championship

5 Lukye West beat Tyler White Singles Match
6 Connor Motor beat Alex Lewis Heck in a Cage Match for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship

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