The LPW Hardcore Championship is a belt created by Lewis Professional Wrestling.


On Cooked Huge Tempah was in a match with Raven Hawk and during the match Benji and Bart walked out with fishing equipment and destroyed the Oceania Title by smashing it up with a fishing knife and sinkers. LPW officials were disgusted at Benji and Barts actions and banned them from fishing for a whole week. The remains of the Oceania Heavyweight Championship were then used to create the LPW Hardcore Championship. The Hardcore Title is contested under 24/7 ruling meaning anyone can pin or submit the champion at any time.

Title ReignsEdit

No. Champion Reign Date Days held Event
1 El Verde 1 May 2, 2015 <1 Balls, Rakes & Shoes
2 Simon Deek 1
3 El Verde 2 30
4 Johnny Blobs 1 June 1, 2015 <1 Regal Battle
5 Theo Lewis 1
6 Benji 1
7 Raven Hawk 1
8 Benji 2
9 Bart 1
10 Dylan Marshall 1
11 Dai Thorn 1 ?

DAI THORN ran off with the title and wasn't seen in the LPW for months. When LPW went on hiatus he never bothered to contact Gareth to claim his leave pay. Who knows how many dead bodies have pinned him since. But Gareth has made it clear he can return with the title when LPW goes back in business, please.