The LPW World Heavyweight Championship is a belt created by Lewis Professional Wrestling.


On December 25th 2014 Alex Lewis beat Tyler White to become the inaugural LPW Heavyweight Champion. Alex Lewis competed in non-title matches on Cooked to show off his right as a champion. It was then announced that at LPW's first PPV Backyard Brawl the superstar Connor Motor would be making his LPW debut and would challenge Alex Lewis for the LPW Heavyweight Championship. At the PPV Alex Lewis and Connor Motor competed in a No Holds Barred Match in which Alex Lewis retained his title by pinfall. It was then announced on Cooked that at the PPV Slaughter House , Alex Lewis would defend the LPW Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4 Way contest. Connor Motor was awarded a spot in the Fatal 4 Way due to the controversial result of Backyard Brawl. Tyler White then earned an opportunity in the Fatal 4 Way by beating Regan Lees at Backyard Brawl for Number One Contendership. Then on LPWs developmental show SHIT, there was a triple threat elimination qualifying match between Sam Lewis, Harry Lewis and Theo Lewis in which Harry Lewis won. Then the following week on Cooked Harry Lewis had a match with Regan Lees for a spot in the Fatal 4 Way match at Slaughter House in which Regan Lees won by pinfall. It was then announced weeks later on Cooked that Regan Lees had been taken out by an Unknown Attacker and would not make it to the Slaughter House PPV. It was then announced that the title match at Slaughter House would become a Triple Threat match with the champion Alex Lewis and the challengers Tyler White and Connor Motor. The event was then postponed due to the unsafe conditions and was then reverted back to a Fatal 4 Way as Regan "Real Gun" Lees returned to LPW. At the PPV Alex Lewis pinned Connor Motor in a controversial fashion to retain the LPW Heavyweight Championship. It was announced on Cooked that Connor Motor would get one more match for the LPW Heavyweight Championship and LPW officials have guaranteed a fair, conclusive, one on one match for the LPW Heavyweight Championship and if Alex Lewis trys to get himself Disqualified or Counted Out Connor Motor will be granted another opportunity to declare a clean winner. At the Day of Kings PPV Connor Motor beat Alex Lewis and became the 2nd LPW Champion. At Balls, Rakes & Shoes Connor Motor was given a brand new LPW World Heavyweight Championship belt with the same lineage.

On September 19th 2015 LPW went on a hiatus and all championship reigns were paused. This reign paused at 189 days.

On February 13th 2016 LPW returned and all championship reigns continued.

Title ReignsEdit

No. Champion Reign Date Days held Event
1 Alex Lewis 1 December 25, 2014 79 Cooked
2 Connor Motor 1 March 14, 2015 274+ Day of Kings