The LPW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship is a belt created by Lewis Professional Wrestling.


In March 2015 LPW revealed the new Oceania Heavyweight Championship. The first match for the Oceania Heavyweight Championship was at LPW Heck in a Cage PPV between John the Giant and Huge Tempah. Huge Tempah won the match becoming the first Oceania Heavyweight Champion. At Last Man's Episodes Duke Diablo challenged for the Oceania Heavyweight Championship in a match with the champion Huge Tempah in which Tempah won. On Cooked Huge Tempah was in a match with Raven Hawk and during the match Benji and Bart walked out with fishing equipment and destroyed the Oceania Title by smashing it up with a fishing knife and sinkers. LPW officials were disgusted at Benji and Barts actions and banned them from fishing for a whole week. LPW created the LPW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship for the champion Huge Tempah and agreed that it would carry the same lineage as the Oceania Heavyweight Championship. The remains of the Oceania Heavyweight Championship were then used to create the LPW Hardcore Championship. The Oceania Heavyweight Title is now defunt but the reign that Huge Tempah began at Heck in a Cage will be continued on into his reign as LPW Intercontinental Champion. On September 19th 2015 LPW went on a hiatus and all championship reigns were paused. This reign paused at 113 days.

On February 13th 2016 LPW returned and all championship reigns continued.

Title ReignsEdit

No. Champion Reign Date Days held Event
1 Huge Tempah 1 April 8, 2015 23 Heck in a Cage
2 Duke Diablo 1 May 1, 2015 28 Balls, Rakes & Shoes
3 Huge Tempah 2 May 29, 2015 198+ Regal Battle