The LPW Tag Team Championship are belts created by Lewis Professional Wrestling.


In February 2015 on Cooked the LPW CEO Gareth Lewis unvieled the new LPW Tag Team Championships. It was noted that the bronze med helms on the plates were signifying that the man who made the belts was a true scaper and believed that the greatest success was through teamwork. His message was that if you worked well as a team you could earn those belts and if you didn't you could easily lose them.

At Day of Kings Raven Hawk & Harry Lewis beat Benji and Bart to become the first LPW Tag Team Champions.

On Cooked before Balls, Rakes & Shoes the champions were presented with new Tag Team Championships as Jagex threatened to sue (kayfabe) LPW if they kept using the old titles.

Title ReignsEdit

No. Champions Reign Date Days held Event
1 Raven Hawk & Johnny Blobs 1 March 14, 2015 126 Day of Kings
Vacant July 18, 2015 Slow Track