Last Man's Episodes  was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by LPW. It took place on April 14, 2015.



No. Matches              Stipulations
1 Huge Tempah beat Duke Diablo by Pinfall. Singles Match for the Oceania Heavyweight Championship
2 Sean O'Grady beat Real Gun by DQ. Singles Match
3 Connor Motor vs John the Giant ended in a draw Singles Match for the LPW Heavyweight Championship
4 Dai Thorn beat El Verde and Simon Deek by pinfall Triple Threat Match for Number One Contendership to the GD Heavyweight Championship
5 Team Motor (Connor Motor, Tyler White, Benji, Bart, Huge Tempah and Theo Lewis) defeated Team Maniacs (Alex Lewis, Real Gun, Raven Hawk, Lukye West, El Verde and John The Giant) Six-on-Six Traditional Last Man's Episodes Elimination Tag Team Match; Since Alex Lewis pinned Connor Motor and Tyler White was the Lucky Last Man, they both get an LPW World Title Match.

Last Man's Episodes EliminationsEdit

Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination Move
1 John The Giant Team Maniacs Connor Motor Submitted to the Twisted Rev
2 El Verde Team Maniacs Theo Lewis Pinned after a DDT
3 Theo Lewis Team Motor Real Gun Pinned after a Bullseye
4 Benji Team Motor Lukye West Pinned after a Rock Bottom
5 Bart Team Motor Lukye West Pinned after a Big Boot
6 Huge Tempah Team Motor Alex Lewis Pinned after an RKO
7 Lukye West Team Maniacs Connor Motor Pinned after an Extreme Combination tag team manuever
8 Real Gun Team Maniacs Tyler White Pinned after a T.Y.
9 Raven Hawk Team Maniacs Connor Motor Pinned after a High Speed Crash
10 Connor Motor Team Motor Alex Lewis Pinned after assistance from Real Gun and a Helluva Kick
11 Alex Lewis Team Maniacs Tyler White Pinned after an End of Days
Lucky Last Man: Tyler White (Team Motor)

PPV ChronologyEdit

Heck In A Cage

Last Man's Episodes Balls, Rakes & Shoes

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